Here's something for the weekend: a bell-shaped kind of flower. It's composed of two layers of silk - the upper is dark-ish indigo blue and the inner darkest purple from logwood. The fabric is densely smocked in blue with the threads criss-crossing in an intricate pattern. It has three stamens with vintage glass beads painted old gold, deliciously uneven like ancient grains of pollen. The same beads decorate the toggle that closes the long chain.

In the shop on Saturday.


Reflected in Puddles

I made a different necklace of this name a long time ago and now that phrase has come round again. It's about fragments of the blue sky reflected in the muddy water of a puddle. Seeing what's up above while looking down. The free space where flight is possible juxtaposed with or contained in the earthy existence. Something along those lines...

The silk was dyed with cherry and maple leaves to a mottled, warm brown. It's smocked in blue with sky blue beads catching the light. The necklace closes with a 'rainwater' toggle that slips into an eye composed of two concetric circles - ripples on the surface.

In the shop today.



At this time of year, zestiness is a bit hard to come by. As I type, drizzle falls from the milky grey sky, dampening spirits and the already muddy ground.

So here's a zesty piece of perennial fruit from a faraway imaginary land. A pomegranate? A pineapple? Or it is the plume of an exotic bird?

The bright yellow shines through the blue layer giving it the appearance of shot silk. Both colours were dyed with my home-grown plants: the yellow with dyer's chamomile and the blue with Japanese indigo.

Designed to bring smile to your lips and spring to your step. In the shop today.


Star Diadem

Wishing you a happy 2017!

First necklace of the year: a star diadem. I see the shape of a boat sailing through lapping waves, through the evening sky, navigating by the constellations, reaching for a celestial crown set with glimmering diamonds.

A lovely indigo blue with a hazy, raw hem like a water's edge and a variety of faceted glass beads.

In the shop today.


Mellow Spice Blossom

Tomorrow I'm going to watch my little shepherd perform in her school nativity play and after that it's a long stretch of holidays. So this may be the last piece for a while.

The colour of this blossom is warm and makes me think of cinnamon and star anise, sweet winter baking and memories of sand beneath the feet in summer.

The chain has larger, bud-like, roundish links that seem to echo the smocking nicely.

It's new in the shop today.


The Fox

Fox is a creature that seems to come to my life when I'm at a crossroads in some way. I'll never forget the January night when I listened to the foxes bark in the back gardens. Or the shredded bin bag on that crucial morning in November; what I thought I'll never see again strewn across the street, the foxes finding life in what I rejected.

The fox is a fierce trickster, a reminder of uncompromising wildness in the city, moving on silent paws between two worlds.

This brooch is a tribute to the fox. Stroke the rusty silk's soft, fur-like raw edge and say it's not alive.

In the shop today.


One More

One more shell in natural colours. For this one the silk was dyed with autumn leaves to give mottled shades of tan.

In the shop on Saturday.


White Shell

Picked up on the shores of a dream, here's a shell. A palace of a shelter for the imaginary, complete with a spiral staircase.

The silk looks undyed but it was actually dyed to a warm off-white colour, pleated and smocked in a matching thread. The tip of the shell is embellished with a small, lustrous pearl and the chain is sprinkled with drops of sea spray.

In the shop today.


Sixth Sense

Like a moth navigating the night, like the way blind tendrils find support to wind themselves about. If it defeats reason, doesn't make sense, maybe the sense it makes is not in the realm of one of the five.

This is a pair of earrings and a matching necklace. The silk is dark brownish, purplish black embellished heavily with a zig-zag line of glowing copper and black glass beads. The dark silver wire at the top is twisted into tendril-like coils that hint at antennae.

In the shop on Monday.